Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life

The Flying Chillout Piano is a delightful exploration that seamlessly blends jazz, ambient and electronic elements to create an impressive fusion of timeless melodies.
Good for yoga, meditation, dancing, sleeping, studying or simply relaxing.

Piano and guitar

(Almost) Piano Solo

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Music is what it's all about

Flying Chillout Piano is a captivating project that pushes the boundaries of music and takes the audience on an inspiring journey full of creative surprises. The soundscapes of the Flying Chillout Piano range from soothing and meditative moments to lively passages that invite the listener to dance.

The Flying Chillout Piano Gebhard

Starting point for each piece is usually a piano composition, which is either left as it is or used as a basis for remixes. These remixes, in turn, are then reduced to individual building blocks that serve as the basis for live performances and new remixes. The compositions are often enhanced by guitar sounds from guitarist Mats Dietrich, who also completes The Flying Chillout Piano.

The Flying Chillout Piano Mats

The Flying Chillout Piano was formed during lockdown in 2020, when pianist and keyboarder Gebhard Schrader started recording relaxing solo piano songs inspired by the tranquillity of the outside world. Gebhard, born in Germany, has been a musician and songwriter since the early 2000s and played in a variety of bands, ranging from experimental noise and drum n bass to reggae swing and folk.

Hey! Look! Listen!

"Each song consists of a few basic building blocks and then manifests itself live during the performance. Each live set of "The Flying Chillout Piano" is a unique experience, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the magical world of improvised sounds.
We never play the same piece twice."

Colours of you

Piano Meditation 02

Caribbean Christmas

Piano Meditation 07